The Common Life

Our commitment to living together as a community is one of our distinctive characteristics as a theological college. In comparison with other colleges, we place particularly strong emphasis on the importance of the common life: eating, praying, worshiping, socialising and studying together. We believe this offers a significant advantage to our students, and that it’s vital to successful formation.

A commitment to community

This community is something which has been carefully forged and nurtured: it does not exist simply because a group of people happen to live in close proximity to one another. And while it is informed by the common life of the Community of the Resurrection, our college community has its own discrete identity and purpose.

A commitment to service

The college community is small, yet diverse. Our goal is to follow the example of the earliest Christian communities in living lives of generous service in order to build up our common life. By respecting and caring for each other, we serve one another in all aspects of our day-to-day life together. And by spending so much time in close proximity, we learn the vital importance of loving our neighbour and of grace.

A commitment to connecting with the Eucharist

We recognise a significant continuity between our life of prayer and serving one another in ways large and small. We identify a direct link between the service we offer at the Eucharist and taking care of one another’s needs at the refectory table, for example.

The benefits offered by the college community are substantial, and highly relevant to a future ministry of service. Our focus on community and of serving one another develops in our students a real sensitivity to the needs of others – an invaluable gift in every aspect of ministry.