When Christian ministers take sabbatical leave, they are rightly concerned about using the time well — but deciding just how to use it can be difficult.

Since the word comes from ‘sabbath’, a sabbatical should include an element of rest and refreshing, yet it is not a holiday. Nor is it study-leave, yet there should be opportunities to learn, explore and develop.

The College of the Resurrection offers a unique solution which could be of help to many clergy and lay people as they plan their sabbaticals. We offer the opportunity to come and live as part of our college community, adjacent to an Anglican monastic community, and to have full access to our libraries and resources.

Who can take a sabbatical here?

We consider applications from clergy and full-time lay ministers who would like to spend all or part of their sabbatical leave at the College of the Resurrection. We welcome those who want to undertake further study and research; who want the space to think and to write; or who want to spend time living as part of a Christian community.

What are the benefits of coming here?

Sabbatical leave at the College of the Resurrection offers:

• access to world-class teaching, learning and research facilities
• the option of taking classes for credit and working towards a further academic qualification
• peace and quiet, yet also a friendly and welcoming atmosphere
• the opportunity to live and pray as part of a residential Christian community, and alongside a monastic community.

Want to know more?

If you have a specific question or would just like to chat through your options, please do contact us.