Accommodation and the common table

Our campus is very private and includes pretty gardens, woodland, and the Community’s beautiful church. All teaching accommodation, our refectory (dining hall) and most of our student accommodation are on-site:

Accommodation for single students

Single students who choose to live in are allocated an attractive, comfortable en-suite study-bedroom on the Main Quad. These rooms have unlimited broadband internet access. There is a small pantry on each accommodation corridor.

Accommodation for married students

Married students have accommodation off-site, mostly in comfortable college-owned houses within very easy walking distance. They also have study rooms on campus, featuring unlimited broadband internet.


The refectory is a focus of our common life together, where we enjoy really good food in an atmosphere of friendship and sharing. Dining is fully catered, so you’ll enjoy three meals a day, seven days a week, during term-time, and we can accommodate most special dietary requirements.

Sharing meals together mirrors our common worship as far as possible: both place God at the centre; both make thanksgiving the central mark of our response to God; and at both we commit ourselves to the service of others. Your spouse, children and guests are all welcome at every meal.

Breakfast and lunch are provided 7 days a week. Evening meals are provided as follows:

• Dinner on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
• High tea on Fridays
• A cold supper on Saturdays and Sundays.

Cooking for yourself
Students may cook for themselves at weekends: there are cooking facilities in the service area next to the College kitchen, and in the kitchen next to the College Bar.

Sharing breaks
We get together for a popular coffee-break at 11am (often with home-made cake!) and there’s tea and coffee again at 4pm. On Sundays, students are invited to join the monastic community for tea and cakes at 4pm.

The College Bar – ‘The Lamb and Flag’
The bar is managed by the College Bar Committee and staffed by volunteers from the student body. It is open before and after dinner on Thursday evenings, on Sundays before lunch, and normally after dinner on festivals plus a variety of special occasions each term.

Access to TV
there is a TV in the Common Room. Students may also have TVs in their own room — but you will need a TV licence and your home licence won’t cover you here (you’ll also need a TV licence if you wish to watch live TV via the internet).