Families are important. Many of our students are married, and if you have a spouse and/or children we’ll do everything we can to ensure that:

• you find the right balance between studying and your family
• you spend quality time with your family
• your family has every opportunity to join in with college life.

For many clergy, the temptation to overwork is immense – so it’s important to set a proper balance between work and home life while still at college.

Your husband or wife

Spouses of students and staff are very welcome in every aspect of life at the College of the Resurrection. That includes all services, lectures and classes, and meals and social events.

Your spouse can decide how much they want to get involved in college life; there are certainly no expectations on our part, and patterns vary widely from one family to another.

Your children

For many children, the college proves to be an enchanting and loving place, and your children will be most welcome at all services, meals and many social events. Particularly popular with families is the early evening ‘high tea’ on Fridays; these enable the whole college to eat together before younger children need to go to bed. Families are also especially welcome at Sunday lunch.

Local schools

Children of students usually attend Battyeford Pre-School, which is just next door to the college; Battyeford Church of England Primary School and Mirfield Free Grammar (a comprehensive) are both within easy walking distance. Several other schools are within easy reach.

Other family members and guests

Guests are all welcome at every meal.