Theological Reflection

Formation for ministry is a matter of the formation of the whole person – of acquiring new knowledge and skills, and of coming to integrate our spiritual, intellectual, emotional and practical learning in preparation for serving the mission of the church.

Learning the habits of theological reflection and reflective practice is an important part of formation for priesthood at the College of the Resurrection.This entails a range of activities and skills which allow us to take responsibility for our learning, to map our own growth and to manage our ongoing formation. Theological reflection and reflective practice bring context into dialogue with the Christian tradition.

Reflective practice

Reflective practice invites us to careful consideration of what we do, and of our ministry to others, in the light of the gospel. It draws us ever more deeply into the ongoing process of conversion through a life of service to others.

Theological reflection

How we reflect theologically depends on how we understand the relative importance of experience in relation to scripture and tradition. Our pastoral practice and our study of theology nourish each other, enabling us to grow both as pastors and as effective communicators of the Christian faith.

Reflection and formation at Mirfield

An ongoing pattern of reflection takes place formally and informally during the time of initial  formation. Informal conversation is a valued part our common life together, as are more formal patterns reflection – regular meetings for theological reflection, both individually with tutors and in small groups.